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Manufactured in Canada

Best In Class THC Cartridges

Our THC cartridges and refill syringes are high quality and best in class. If it’s a discreet puff during lunch, going to your favorite concert, or sitting on the couch watching the game at home, Next level distillate has you covered. We have a vast selection of flavors as well as our hard hitting strains that will pack the punch that you need! For our flavoured distillate Next Level use therapeutic botanical terpenes that do not give you a traditional smoke odor like the heavy hitting strains.  All of our distillate does NOT contain vegetable Glycerine or Propylene Glycol. Our products are the go to for both Novice and accustomed cannabis fans.

We have 2 batteries options that include a pen battery as well as our infamous NLD E leaf battery. 

Next Level Distillate


Our tinctures are made using 99.7% isolate derived from CBD. Our CBD Isolate is extracted entirely from mature hemp plants. We use 100% MCT oil (coconut derived) in our tinctures to provided you with the purest CBD for all your medicinal needs. They contain 0% THC.

CBD Benefits:

-Pain relief                                                     

-Arthritis pain

-Reduces anxiety and depression                

-Muscle-spasticity in multiple sclerosis

-Can alleviate cancer- related symptoms

-Reduce acne and inflammatory pain

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Proudly Canadian

Our products are created and manufactured in Canada to the highest quality standards.

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