1g THC Distillate Cartridges – Strains

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1g THC Distillate Cartridges.

All our strains are made with only the highest quality distillate, weed terpenes, and a tiny amount of MCT oil to give you a 100% all natural organic product, with 90% THC.

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Next Level Distillate 1g Cartridges are compatible with all universal 510 thread batteries.

Next level offers you the following hard hitting strains in a 1g distillate cartridge: 

24K Gold / 9 Pound Hammer / AK 47 / Black Gas / Black Lime/ Blue Dream / Blue Fire / Blue Tuna / Cement Shoes / Church OG / Darth Vader OG / Death Bubba / Death Star / Destroyer / Durban Lemon Poison / Fruity Pebbles / Gelato / Girl Scout Cookies / Grapefruit Haze / Gorilla Glue #4 / Hindu / Ice-Cream Cake / King Kush / Laughing Buddha / Lemon Haze / Pineapple Express / Pink Panties / Power Plant / Purple Punch / Purple Romulan / Purple White Lightning / Safety Meeting / Space Cake / Strawberry Cough / Supreme Kush / Train Wreck / Wedding Cake / WiFi / Yoda OG

See our ‘1g THC Distillate Cartridges – Flavors‘ on the product page:

Apple Jacks/ Blood Orange / Blueberry / Blue Raspberry / Bubble-gum / Cherry Pie / Citrix / Creamsicle / Grape / Grapefruit / Lemon Pie / Mandarin Orange / Mint Cookies / Mojito / Orange Cucumber / Orange Melon / Orange Soda / Pineapple / Skittles / Sour Gummies / Strawberry Lemonade / Strawberry Shortcake / Vanilla / Watermelon

Additional information

Weight .014 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 cm
1.0g Strains

Wedding Cake, Pink Panties, Church OG, Gelato, Grapefruit Haze, Fruity Pebbles, Pineapple Express, Lemon Haze, Death Bubba, Wifi OG, Death Star, 24K Gold, Purple White Lighting, Purple Romulan, Gorilla Glue, Yoda OG, Blue Tuna, Durban Lemon Poison, Hindu, King Kush, Safety Meeting, Power Plant, AK-47, Destroyer, Blue Dream, Black Gas, Cement Shoes, Blue Fire, Supreme OG Kush, Strawberry Cough, Black Lime, Purple Punch, Ice-Cream Cake, Darth Vader OG, 9 Pound Hammer, Train Wreck, Laughing Budda, Girl Scout Cookies, Space Cake, Animal Cookies, Bananas & Blow, Grease Monkey, Titans Haze, Memory Loss, Viper, Hulk Berry, G-Wagon, Skywalker OG, Candy Land, Red Bullz, Purple Roze, Venom OG

10 reviews for 1g THC Distillate Cartridges – Strains

  1. John (verified owner)

    I grabbed 2 strawberry coughand fruitty pebbles these are done proper very smooth and potent. Next level has perfected there game, qyalitt and price are better then most competitors they have made a long term customer of me

  2. Kim Nelson

    I just got OG Kush, ( enhanced strain ) Wedding Cake ( enhanced strain ) & Death Bubba. All high grade, very potent and the Wedding Cake in particular has a special, smooth nice taste and leaves my room smelling like cake ! My order came promptly , the guys I dealt with via e-mail were super nice, patient and very helpful ; much appreciated as I’m new to this method. Very impressed with the service , quality of product and love the ease of use with my pen. Next Level great job and you have a very satisfied , will be returning customer.

  3. Dan O (verified owner)

    I ordered here quit a few times and each time im blown away. The quality is amazing and the strains are all awesome. I really appreciate the prompt and efficient service. Customer service is 10/10

  4. Daniel Ortega (verified owner)

    I love all the strains haha Next Level is setting the mark for prompt and efficient service. Customer service is 10/10. Great job guys!

  5. Johnathan Kraemer (verified owner)

    its nice

  6. Johnathan Kraemer (verified owner)

    oops, ninja fruit, its nice, havent tried others, ninja fruit nice tho

  7. Jack K.

    I’m sure I’ve tried almost every flavor by now. While, I certainly prefer flavors that remind me of the weeds of my youth, all are perfectly acceptable in strength and quality. Truly… next level… customer service! Not that there’s been many problems with the hundreds of capsules I’ve ordered so far. The quality is unmatched, I’ve tried many of the main line brands, and it’s almost as if next level capsules are a fresh dab, and the other brands are cleaned from the stem of your rig in flavor. 10/10 can recommend.

  8. MCB

    came across your product from another reseller, 9 pound hammer was what I got, and dammmmm, love this distillate, going to make an order soon, this is the first cartridge that gave me a buzzzzz…the diluted stuff from other producers, its unknown strain, “indica” or “hybrid” isnt very descriptive when you are medical and have heavy needs and looking for a specific strain(s), I could puff back a half gram of their shitty blend and never get medicated if I just dabbed , almost more of a headache,
    but this next level distillate is just delicious, quiet and faster than dabbing, more awesome watching a movie late at night, I dont miss anything on the movie using my pen, no need to pause or turn it up vs dabbing….can also walk anywhere and medicate nobody ever bats an eye as I make clouds…thank you for the great product, will order soon 😉

  9. Wael Nabti (verified owner)

    I LOVE this product! They smoke really well, taste good (the flavored ones can be a hit or miss), and you’re able to medicate to the ‘T’. The staff are also great, patient, and helpful. I totally forgot to send my payment, which they politely reminded me, and as soon as I sent the payment my order was on the way (felt like the package was ready to go which shows trust on their part) – definite Island vibes :D. Will continuously purchase my distillates from them.

    My only wish, is that they would put a table/graph with the strain and it’s THC/CBD content. I use these for self-medicating anxiety and it would be great to see exactly what you’re getting right from the website vs having to rely on strain knowledge or other websites.

  10. Luxxx (verified owner)

    Lemon Haze, OG Kush are straight worth it. Fast delivery.

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